This has been a fun and exciting year for me!  As a really weird thank-you for your kindess and support, I made you a downloadable treat: A printable desk calendar featuring photos of my dog, Cricket.  It’s just what you’ve always wanted!  

I Love Science! readers will recognizer her from her poetic debut in “Cricket the Dog Discovers Death,” but anyone who likes fat log dogs will relish in her unrivaled majesty.


Print it at home, or order through Persnickety Prints!  I used their calendar template, found here: http://blog.persnicketyprints.com/2012/08/2013-cd-calendar.html!  Thanks, PP!


To download the file, just click here!  Cricket Calendar 2013


Wishing each of you the best in 2013.  Enjoy the dorky calendar!


Love, Shanny